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A French term commonly used by fine restaurants or fine diners in France to describe little bites or very small servings of food that complement a main dish. An Amuse-Bouche is an appetizer-sized portion that is provided prior to the main dish as a way to introduce a theme or to complement the manner in which the chef is preparing the food that follows. When translated, Amuse-Bouche literally means to amuse the mouth or delight the palate with a small flavorful taste that enhances the flavors next to be served on the menu. The small serving may be provided in a small dish, bowl, cup, or glass. The Amuse-Bouche could consist of a pureed squash or vegetable, mixtures of ingredients such as meats and poultry in a sauce and placed in a small pastry shell, or bits of food mixed with herbs and a light sauce. This term may also be referred to as Amuse-Bouchée or simply Bouchée to describe a small mouthful of food.

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