Blauer Zweigelt

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A grape varietal, used in the production of red wine, originating in Austria. The Blauer Zweigelt varietal is a cross between Blaufränkisch (Blauer Limberger) and St. Laurent, a hybrid developed by Dr. Zweigelt at the Kosterneuburg research station in 1922. Primarily grown in Austria, Canada has begun to cultivate the varietal and is expected to do well given the similar climates of Austria and Canada.

Also known as: Rotburger, Zweigelt, Zweigeltrebe.

Characteristics: Can be drunk in young or may require aging. Therefore, Blauer Zweigelt wines exhibit a wide range of characteristics. Blauer Zweigelt wines are typically deep ruby in color, full bodied, with rigid tannins and a light acidity. Young wines generally exhibit fruity characteristics with a hint of cherry.

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