Seven Spice Seasoning or Shichimi Togarashi

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An Asian seasoning that consists of a variety of spices mixed together to provide a very hot and spicy flavor as well as a distinctive aroma. Ingredients vary slightly depending on the provider, but some of common items that may be included are dried red chile peppers (Togarashi flakes), Sichuan pepper, white sesame seeds, white poppy seeds, black hemp seeds, dried tangerine or mandarin orange peel, dried seaweed (Nori flakes), prickly ash pods, and ginger, combined to create this spicy seasoning. Also referred to as Seven Flavor Spice, Seven Spice, or Hichimi Togarshi, this blend consists of a group of ingredients that are selected to be combined together for use in flavoring soups, noodle dishes such as soba noodles, stews, meat dishes and fish. The flavors in the Seven Spice Seasoning helps to balance many foods containing an abundance of fat, such as some cuts of meat or a few varieties of fish.

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