Cornish Pasty

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A rich tasting small, stuffed pie that became popular for miners to take into the mines as a convenient and nourishing lunch meal. Made with a wide variety of ingredients, depending on the region in which it is prepared, the cornish pasty or Pastie as it is also known, was traditionally made with beef, potatoes, onions, and rutabagas, or ham and sauerkraut that was encased in a flaky shortcrust pastry shell. The shell was made by placing the various stuffings on a round piece of dough that was then folded over and crimped on the open sides, forming a half round shape that could be easily held by hand. In some recipes, the stuffing was a savory combination of ingredients on one end, which blended into a sweet filling on the other end. The cornish pasty, which is very similar to a Spanish empanada, is now often made with many different types of ingredients and in many different versions, by home chefs, restaurant chefs and commercial bakers.

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