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A type of wine glass approved by the Institut National des Appellations d'Origine that is certified and approved for the sampling and tasting of wine. The National Institute is a French organization that has been assigned the responsibility of protecting and certifying the authenticity of the origin of food products, which include wine. In so doing, the INAO has approved the design of glasses made specifically for professional wine tasting. The glasses are typically designed with a stem, a bowl size varying from 5 to 8 ounces, and and a tulip shape that enables the the wine to be swirled easily around the bowl to provide more aeration area through the shape of the bowl. The size and shape create a design for the effective presentation to the eyes, the nose and the tongue of the person tasting the wine. The eye looks for intensity of color, clarity, and shade. The nose seeks the aroma, which is concentrated as it moves up the narrowing bowl. And, the tongue tests for the bouquet, acidity, temperature, and smoothness as the wine reaches the taste buds of the wine professional. The INAO glass is readily available from stores specializing in wine accessories.

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