Grooved Rolling Pin

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A variety of different types of hardwood rolling pins that have ribbed grooves manufactured into the rolling pin shaft. A Single Cut pin, also known as a Corrugated pin, has closely spaced grooves running around the shaft of the pin. The Double Cut pin has grooves running both the length of the shaft and around the shaft at right angles to the lengthwise grooves. Both pins are used to work air pockets out of dough for flatbreads or lefse. A pin that is used for puff pastries, croissants and similar light crusts, which has 1/8-inch wide grooves running lengthwise on the pin shaft, is known as a French grooved pastry pin. This type of pin may also be referred to as a Tutove rolling pin, which is the name of the French manufacturer. The grooves assist to evenly distribute the butter throughout the dough as the layers become thinly rolled and increase in number for the pastry. Similarly, the grooves will also assist to soften the cold dough after it is chilled and then rolled again for the next layer.

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