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Pronounced "wheat-lah-KOH-chay" it is a fungus (mushroom) that grows on sweet corn and is considered to be a delicacy in Mexican food dishes, some referring to it as a Mexican truffle. Huitlacoche turns the kernel of the corn into a round-shaped grey to black colored growth that extends out from an ear of corn. In the U.S., this fungus has long been considered as a disease, known as corn smut to be eradicated. However, it is now being grown and harvested by farmers in both the U.S. and Mexico who provide it to food companies for processing. The huitlacoche is served in soups, salads, egg dishes, and a variety of different foods as a flavoring, providing an earthy taste to the food. A huitlacoche may also be referred to as a "corn mushroom."

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