Crêpe Pan

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A flat or round-bottomed pan that is shaped to effectively cook a thin crêpe. A flat-bottomed pan may be 8 to 10 inches in diameter with short side walls. This pan is also the type commonly used for omelets. The round bottom pan has a rounded surface extending upward that allows the pan to be dipped into the batter after it is heated, to receive a thin batter coating instead of a thick coating, which may occur if batter is poured too heavily into a flat bottom pan. By using the round bottom Crêpe Pan, the crêpe can be prepared as a thinly coated layer that covers the pan as it heats and cooks the crêpe. All types of pans best suited for crêpes will be made with a heavy base to allow the heat to be evenly diffused across the surface of the pan. The addition of a non-stick surface or well seasoned surface will enable the crêpe to be easily removed and cooked to a golden brown color with a tender and moist texture.

The key to making good crêpes is to become accustomed to pouring, swirling or coating the batter evenly onto the surface of a heated pan. Using approximately an ounce and a half (1-1/2 oz.) of batter will provide a crêpe that is approximately 1/10th of an inch (2.5 mm) thick.

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