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An Italian seasoning that is made from dried fish roe taken from the roe sacs of tuna or gray mullet. The roe sack is first removed, salted for preservation, and manually stroked to remove any existing air pockets in the sack. With the use of wooden planks and heavy stone weights a press is made to form the roe as it is placed between the boards so it can be pressed and bonded. After the pressing, the roe is sun and air-dried before being sold in small solid blocks. The Bottarga can then be shaved, chopped, grated, sliced, or ground for use in adding flavor to various foods. Traditionally used as a seasoning, Bottarga can be added as a flavoring for Italian pasta dishes, rice dishes, salads, or other similar foods, providing a sharp salty flavor. Store in a refrigerator to keep it from spoiling. Bottarga is also known as Boutargue in France, Botargo in North Africa, or Botarga in Spain.

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