Dehydrated Food

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Types of food that have been dried to remove most of their natural moisture in order to preserve the food, thus reducing the potential problems which can occur as fresh foods mold or become fermented. The typical result is a food that is smaller in size and may have a flattened or irregular shape.

Foods can be dehydrated by placing whole or sliced items in the sun or by simply allowing them to be air dried. Electric dehydrators are available as an applicance that is commonly used to air dry various foods which are placed on circular drying racks that rotate around air currents to hasten the drying process. Typical foods that are dried are a variety of different fruits, vegetables and meats, such as apples, bananas, apricots, grapes (raisins), chillies, herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms, and turkey, buffalo or beef jerky. Dried foods can then be stored for long periods of time to be used as snacks or food to be preserved for camping and outdoor activities.

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