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A vegetable often referred to as a wild leek or wild onion that has broad, dark green leaves that can be eaten along with the bulb. The ramp is actually considered a variety of the wild Leek since the wild Leek has a larger bulb and a flavor that is milder than a Ramp. This vegetable can be eaten raw or added to a variety of cooked dishes. They have a different taste that is slightly bitter, providing a garlicky-onion flavor Ramps can be substituted in cooked dishes for scallions, onions or leeks. When cooked it is a vegetable that gives off a noticeably pungent odor. The leaf and bulb can both be added to salads, sandwiches, or egg and potato dishes. To prepare, remove the paper-thin wrapper leaf surrounding the bulb, trim any attached roots on the bulb, and clean the entire plant thoroughly. The bulb can then be sliced, diced or served whole for a nice addition providing a peppery, spicy flavor to the food dish. Keep ramps refrigerated and wrapped for freshness and to keep them from drying out.

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