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A cooking utensil that is round in shape with high, straight sides and a longer handle. Equipped with a tight fitting cover, the saucepan can range in sizes to hold contents for one pint or in sizes up to four quarts. They are made of materials such as stainless steel, copper, anodized aluminum, glass, and enameled steel or cast iron. A saucepan has many uses, including preparation processes such as boiling water, for making sauces and soups, or for braising foods.

Saucepans are very similar to saucier pans as both are used to perform similar tasks. The saucier pan is shorter in height and is made with sloping sides instead of straight sides. Saucier pans provide easier access to stirring contents around the edges of the pan and with a wider opening it is easier to make wide arcs with a spoon, a spatula or a whisk. However, choosing a saucepan or a saucier pan is typically a personal preference as both pans work equally well for the preparation of sauces and various foods.

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