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The outer pod or shell covering a seed or fruit. A husk is also called a hull. Some husks, such as those from corn, are used in the preparation of foods for cooking. Various food ingredients to be steamed are often wrapped in husks before serving. A variety of foods such as fish, turkey, pork tenderloin, beef, and most notably tamales are often wrapped or placed in a husk, which serves as a means to steam and flavor the food while also becoming a decorative way to present the prepared dish.

The term "husk" may also refer to the removal of the outer covering, such as "to husk" sweetcorn. A simple way to remove the husk from sweetcorn is to first chop off each end of the ear while the husk is still attached. With the open palm of your hand, roll the husked ear back and forth on the counter. Then the detached husks can be easily removed from the ear.

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