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A food dish made with potatoes that are precooked, cubed and then fried in butter or oil and seasoned with a variety of ingredients such as salt, pepper, onions, and bits of green herbs. When preparing the potatoes to be fried, it is best to select a variety that has a medium level of starch, such as Yukon Gold’s or waxy potatoes such as Red potatoes, so they retain their shape and become crispy rather than mushy. Precooking the potatoes by boiling, roasting or micro waving is also advisable, otherwise the potatoes become quite greasy if cooked when raw. Another tip of value is to use a dry onion such as a medium-sized, dry yellow onion that is low in moisture content. Cook the bits of onion separately from the potatoes so any moisture in the onion does not affect the crispy texture of the potatoes and then add the onion in with the potatoes as the potatoes finish browning. Developing a golden brown, outer crust is important for this potatoes dish to be very flavorful.

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