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A food item that has several versions from several different countries. To some, a Rissole consists of small round patties or balls of finely minced meat, fish, shellfish, or potatoes which are often combined or coated with breadcrumbs to be partially cooked prior to being fried in butter so they become golden brown and crisp textured. Known by the French term rissoler that basically translates as "to brown a food by frying", a Rissole may be a potato dish such as Rissole Potatoes or Rissole Potato Balls. As the variety of foods being prepared as a Rissole have grown, rice has become a common food encased in patties or balls and served as a Rissole. Similarly, as the definition of the term has broadened, it is also often used to refer to a meat or fish dish known as Grilled Meat Rissole, Fried Fish Rissole or Salmon Rissole. However, in Italian the translation for Rissole typically refers to a food patty.

Another version of this food item is a filled pastry or croquette, commonly shaped similar to a turnover, which is stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients and then fried or baked. Like the patty or round-shaped and breaded Rissole, the pastry covered Rissole contains meat, fish or potatoes that are finely chopped and seasoned prior to cooking. Depending on the filling, the pastry is served as an appetizer, a dessert or a side dish and its size depends on how it will be served. Therefore, regardless of how it is named for a recipe, the item referred to as Rissole may be made into a patty, a round ball, or a food encased in pastry.

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