Rabbit and Hare

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Considered to be a "small game" animal, Rabbit and Hare have been hunted and raised for consumption since ancient times throughout the world. Today, the Rabbit that is sold in retail food stores as fresh or frozen is a domesticated animal raised for the purpose of being processed into food. As a meat, Rabbit is fine-textured and almost all white, with a flavor and appearance similar to chicken meat. Hare however, is very dark in color and provides a stronger flavor that tastes dark meat from wild game. When selecting, choose a small, younger Rabbits or Hare that weigh from 2 to 3 pounds in order to provide a more tender and milder flavored meat. The meat may be processed as whole "saddles" which include the meat from the animal chest or "saddle" still connected to the legs, all in one piece for roasting. Cuts of Rabbit or Hare are more readily available which have been "jointed" so the body has been cut into 5 or 6 pieces which includes the saddle, which may be split in halves, 2 forelegs and 2 hindlegs. For preparation, the most popular method to cook Rabbit or Hare is by frying or oven roasting. Cooked in a similar manner to chicken, Rabbit can be served whole as the main meal or prepared for appetizers, stews and salads.

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