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A Greek food consisting of lamb that is cooked and served in a bread wrap, such as pita bread. A leg of lamb is most often cooked to be used as the main ingredient for the Gyro. Some recipes use ground lamb that is molded around a grilling spit and cooked. Or other recipes cook lamb that is then pounded, seasoned and sliced to be added to the pita bread. In some Gyros, the lamb is placed over lettuce and vegetables that cover the inside of a pita bread wrap. Onions may be added to the Gyro and a cucumber-yogurt sauce known as tsatsiki sauce is used as a topping to be dispersed over the slices of lamb. Gyros are typically sold on the streets of many Mediterranean cities by many food vendors. However, with ground meat that may not be fully cooked or if the ground meat is allowed to warm to temperatures that can grow bacteria, caution is urged when considering the consumption of street Gyros.

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