Ground Cherry

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A fruit growing on low bushes, referred to as a cherry or a tomato, that is a relative of the Mexican tomatillo but smaller in size and sweeter in flavor. The husk or outer covering of the Ground Cherry is papery in texture, surrounding a juicy, golden yellow colored berry that yields a sweet to bitter pineapple or strawberry with a little tomato-like flavor. Grown wild in many areas of the U.S. and grown commercially in tropical regions, the papery outer skin of this variety of fruit has the shape of a Chinese lantern. Also referred to as Cossack Pineapples, Husk Tomatoes or Strawberry tomatoes, this fruit can be eaten as a fresh cherry or can be used for making pies, custards, jams, jellies, fruit salads, desserts, and sauces that go well with meat dishes. The Ground Cherry may also be called a Cape Gooseberry because it has a similar look and flavor, however it is not the same fruit.

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