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To cook a food, such as eggs, fish or meat in a liquid that has been heated to just below the boiling point so the liquid is barely moving while the food is being cooked. Typically, as temperature setting that simmers the liquid is sufficient. A small amount of liquid is added to a pan containing the food so that the food being poached is fully covered with the liquid but not much more than only a slight covering. Liquids such as water, food stock or syrups can be used to Poach foods to produce a more tender textured result. In addition, the food being poached adds or infuses the liquid with flavors from the food, which can then be used to make other food dishes, such as stew or soup by adding additional ingredients which may include pasta or vegetables. Common foods that are poached include fish, meat, poultry, and eggs. When poaching eggs and fish, adding a little vinegar or lemon juice to the liquid will help keep them firm.

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