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A method of placing fat, such as bacon or fatback, around lean meats or fowl that are to be roasted so they will absorb additional moisture and fat to keep them from drying out. The barded fat bastes the meat while it is roasting, adding flavor to the meat, especially on lean cuts which lack sufficient fat to remain moist and succulent. The bard fat is removed approximately 15 minutes before the meat is finished cooking to allow the meat to brown. Barding is only necessary when the meat does not have enough natural fat.

Strips of pork fat sliced off pork meats or bacon are common fats for barding however, if bacon is used, some prefer to remove excess salt by first boiling the bacon in water for 5 minutes or so. The barding strip can either be laid over the meat or secured with cooking string and place in a location best suited to be absorbed by the meat.

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