Parchment Paper

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A silicon-based paper, commonly referred to as silicon paper, that is used as a lining between metal surfaces and prepared foods so that the foods do not stick to baking sheets, pie tins, muffin tins, baking dishes, and other surfaces after baking. Parchment paper is grease resistant, it does not require any oil or shortening be appied to the surface, and it can tolerate the high temperatures created during baking. If foods being baked on parchment paper begin to brown excessively, they can be removed from the pan and transferred while on the paper to a cooling rack, since the paper will not retain heat and continue the cooking process as a pan will.

In addition to a lining, parchment paper can also be used as a food wrap to "bag" the ingredients being baked, such as "en papillote" foods such as poultry, fish or vegetables. This paper is typically available in rolls, in sheets of various sizes or in circles from 8 to 14 inches in diameter.

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