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A crisp Oriental radish that is large and oval-shaped with a very thin white skin covering a crisp and juicy white-colored inner flesh. It provides a mild, somewhat sweet flavor when eaten raw. This radish is a member of the Daikon radish family and is often considered to be the same as a Daikon radish, which looks more like a carrot in shape, rather than the oval shape of Lo bak.

Lo bak can be eaten raw with dips and salads or it can be added to other dishes such as soups, stews and stir-fried foods. Lo Bak is also known as lo bok, loh baak, Chinese radish, luobo, lobac, laphug, laopang, and lobin, however, some of the terms are interchangable with the Daikon radish rather than the typical Lo bak vegetable.

The prime season for lo bak is September to January but can generally be found throughout the year. When selecting, look for nicely formed vegetables that are smooth skinned and free of blemishes, sprouts, and soft spots. To prepare, wash thoroughly and then peel away the outer skin. To store, do not wash, wrap in plastic and keep in the vegetable drawer for 7 to 10 days.

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