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A Korean condiment or side dish made from fermented fruits or vegetables which may include items such as cabbage, cucumbers, or radish roots, that are combined with garlic, onions, chile peppers, ginger, and spices that are mixed together and seasoned with a Kimchee salted sauce. The ingredients are fermented or pickled in a brine, similar to methods used to create sauerkraut.

Kimchee is a very common food served with rice at almost every meal in Korea. The vegetables are pickled and then stored in tightly sealed pots and jars. With the ability to be stored indefinitely in the refrigerator, different varieties of Kimchee are made to be served for spring, summer and autumn. Cabbage Kimchee and Kimchee made from radish roots are traditionally served during the autumn. Kimchee, which may also be referred to as Kimchi, can be purchased in Korean markets as well as many Asian food stores.

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