Asian Pear

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A fruit developed from the crossbreeding of pears with apples to produce a crisp, mildly-flavored pear. There are numerous varieties of Asian pears that are all similar in taste and appearance. Some of the common varieties include the Asia Fragrant, Hosui (Russet), Ichiban, Nashi, Kosui, Olympic, Royal, Shinko, Shinseiki, 20th Century, Yakumo, Yali (meaning dark), Yoinashi, and Yuan Huang. The shape of Asian pears generally resembles an apple shape and the skin has a reddish to pale yellowish-tan color with some having a brown-russet overtone. The inner flesh is white, crisp like an apple, and juicy. Unlike the round species, the shape of the Fragrant and the Ya pear are more of an egg or oblong shape rather than round.

When served, Asian pears can be eaten out of hand or sliced as an ingredient in fruit and savory salads. It is also a refreshing dessert when cut in half with a scooped hole made in the center, then heated and served with honey placed in the scooped out section. Some of the traditional terms used for this pear are: the apple pear, Japanese pear, Nashi pear, Oriental pear, or salad pear. In Japan, it is referred to as nasu.

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