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Condensed Milk
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A type of whole milk, most often used as a cooking ingredient, that has been thickened through the elimination of about 60 percent of the water content, producing a concentrated flavor. There are two varieties of condensed milk: sweetened and unsweetened. Sweetened condensed is whole milk that is heated to evaporate 60% of the water and then has sugar added, resulting in sweet and sticky milk. Unsweetened condensed milk, also processed to remove the water, has no sugar added and is similar to or often considered the same as evaporated milk. However, unsweetened condensed milk typically cannot be used in recipes that require evaporated milk. The difference between the two is that evaporated milk is heat treated for sterilization. Most recipes with "condensed milk" as an ingredient are generally referring to the sweetened condensed milk.

Prior to opening, condensed milk can be stored for 5 to 7 months at room temperature. After opening, keep the milk refrigerated in an air tight container and use within several days.

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