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Pan Handle Mitt or Holder
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A safety covering mitten to fit around the steel handle of cast iron or similar pans and griddles that are used for stovetop, oven, or open flame cooking. Hot metal handles on pans that absorb and retain heat can cause dangerous handling situations unless some type of utensil is used as a covering for the hot handle. A Pan Mitt or Mitten is a good way to protect the handle, since it generally fits well around the handle and is not as bulky as some hot pads, making it easier or more comfortable when lifting or moving hot bakeware.

Made from various grades of fabric or silicon materials, the Pan Holder or Mitts are constructed to be stain resistant and heat resistant up to a specific temperature, such as 250ºF for some of the cloth holders or close to 700ºF for some holders made of silicon rubber. The cloth Mitt is often covered with a cotten material on the outside and lined with a silicone material on the inside that keeps the heat from reaching the outside covering. Holders made entirely of silicon rubber are more tight fitting and can be cleaned easily by either hand or in a dishwasher. When purchasing a Pan Handle Holder or Mitt, consider the type of materials desired, the temperature rating and the overall design making it easy to manage on a variety of handles or easy to clean for a variety of cooking procedures. This utensil may also be referred to as a Cookware or Pot Mitt, Cookware or Pot Handle Holder, and Cookware or Pot Mitten.

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