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Most notably known as "Verdicchio". A grape varietal, used in the production white wine, originating in the Marches region of Italy. The best known wines made from the Verdicchio varietal come from the D.O.C. of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. The Trebbiano, the Malvasia, and the Verdicchio are the main white varietals approved in the D.O.C. regulated areas of central Italy. Since the Verdicchio varietal is high in acid it is also used in the production of sparkling and spumanté wine.

Also known as: Verdicchio and Marchigiano.

Characteristics: A delicate bouquet, high in acidity, medium in body, with a slightly bitter finish. Exhibits crisp, dry, almond, and fruit characteristics. Known for its straw yellow and subtle greenish hue.

Ageing: within two to three years after the vintage, if properly preserved. Wines from the Verdicchio di Matelica are thought to have good ageing potential.

Serving temperature: Serve at a temperature of 46º-54º F.

Food pairings: Fish dishes, fried and roasted seafood, vegetables, and olives.

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