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Meringue Powder
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A powder that is used for producing meringue, the topping used for pies and various other desserts. Made from dried (dehydrated) egg whites blended with sugar, gum, corn starch, and flavorings, Meringue Powder is typically combined with water and then whipped to produce a meringue topping. Like all other uncooked egg products, meringue powder is pasteurized so it is very useful when preparing dishes requiring uncooked meringues. Recipes often suggest using Meringue Powder rather than raw eggs due to the concern with adding raw egg ingredients into foods not being cooked. The powder has a long shelf life, lasting over a year when kept in a cool dry area. Meringue Powder is most often found in some kitchenware stores, bakery stores, or shops specializing in cake decorating equipment and supplies.
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