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Vertical Roaster
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A cooking utensil most often used for cooking poultry in an oven or on a grill. Vertical roasting tools are manufactured so the heat can circulate effectively around and through the entire item being cooked, resulting in a more moist or flavorful result. Typically, the cavity of a chicken or some other type of bird is positioned upright or vertically on the roaster with the tail at the bottom and the neck at the top of the roaster. The utensils manufactured for this purpose are built to accomplish the vertical positioning of the bird. Some of the common vertical roasters include: 1) a vertical roasting stand; 2) a can grilling rack or vertical roasting can stand (as used in Beer Can Chicken recipes; 3) a tube pan insert, (also known as an angel food pan insert) which contains a shallow dish instead of the entire pan side wall, with a hollow vertical shaft to hold the cavity bird in a upright position; or 4) a shallow baking pan which holds the bird loosely as it is positions vertically on the pan.
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