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Rib Roast Lamb
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A whole rib roast, or "rack of lamb" has seven or eight ribs. It is very tender and flavorful, but it is also one of the most expensive cuts of lamb. Roasting is the most popular method for cooking a rib roast, but care must be taken not to overcook the meat in order to keep it tender and juicy. One rack of lamb is large enough to feed three people.

Although a lamb rib roast may be roasted as is, there are several other traditional preparations. The rack can be "Frenched," or prepared with the upper ends of the rib bones trimmed (and often capped with decorative covers). Two racks can be combined end to end and then curved into a circle to make a Crown Roast or a pair of racks can be roasted with their rib ends interlaced (Guard of Honor). Be sure the chine bone has been cut through when creating these special preparations.
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