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Cudighi Sausage
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An Italian sausage originating in northern Italy that is commonly found only in Italy or various regions throughout the world with a large populace of Italians. Made from pork meat on the hind section of the hog, this sausage combines coarse ground pork, pork fat, red wine, and seasonings such as salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice to create a mildly sweet and spicy sausage. In some regions, the term Cudighi may also refer to a sandwich made from ground sausage, very similar to a hamburger, except it is served on a sliced, long bread roll or bun such as a hoagie bun. When served as a sandwich, the Cudighi meat is formed into a patty that is topped with onions, tomato sauce, cheese, and mustard. Cudighi sausage is typically aged only for only a few days. It is then stuffed into casings or sold as ground sausage to be be made into patties or served in food dishes containing ground meat.
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