How to French a Rack of Lamb Video

How to French a Rack of Lamb Video
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RecipeTips.com's video demonstration, 'How to French a Rack of Lamb,' has easy-to-follow instructions to create a perfect centerpiece for Easter that everyone will enjoy.
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Hi! This is Laurie from RecipeTips.com. Today we are going to be working with a rack of lamb. Today I am going to be showing you how to french this rack of lamb. Frenching is done basically just for presentation. There are two sides to a rack of lamb; there is the rib side that shows the ribs and then a fat side. Start by having the fat side of the rack up. I am going to start by cutting two inches away from the ends of the bones, through the fat layer and the meat layer, until you hit the bones themselves. Stand the rack up on end and then, using a smaller knife, you want to find the middle between the two bones; and using your cut as your guide, go ahead and push the knife through the meat in between the two bones, all the way across the rack. Flip the rack over so that the rib side is up and then you will notice that there is a thin membrane on the outside of these bones. We want to score that membrane with our small knife, so take the knife tip and cut that membrane down the center of each rib bone. Stand the rack back up on end and you want to pop these bones out from the membrane, so using your thumb and on the back side of the ribs, just pull back until that bone pops out. And this meat on the back side will just bend all the way down. It takes a little effort and a little time, just be patient with it. Try to make sure that all the meat is pulled away from the bone and that the meat on the fat side is pulled all the way down to the cut line that you originally made. The next step is that you want to remove this meat that you pulled back, so flip the rack back over unto the fat side and using your large knife, you want to cut back through your original cut. Just remove all that meat. This meat can be saved for stews or you can cook it along with the rack, whatever you prefer. The final step is to remove the excess layer of fat from the rack of lamb. To do this, have the fat side of the rack of lamb up, and then taking a knife, you just want to cut away some of the fat layer. You want to leave a thin layer of fat on the rack of lamb but remove any excess. You might have to trim different areas depending on the thickness of fat. Once the fat has been trimmed, the rack of lamb is ready to be seasoned and roasted. For more information on roasting lamb, visit RecipeTips.com.

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