How to Make an Easy Apple Crisp Video

How to Make an Easy Apple Crisp Video
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RecipeTips.com's video demonstration, 'How to Make an Easy Apple Crisp,' creates an delicious dessert in a matter of minutes.
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Hi there! This is Laurie from RecipeTips.com. Today, we are going to be whipping up an easy to make apple crisp. This is a really easy recipe to make. All you need is six cups of sliced apples, one and a quarter cups of packed brown sugar, three-quarter cups of flour, three-quarter cups of quick oats, a half a cup of butter that is at room temperature, and one teaspoon of nutmeg with one and a quarter teaspoons of cinnamon. Place all your sliced apples into a buttered baking dish, and then all you need to do is combine all your dry ingredients into a mixing bowl, and then you are going to want to add the room temperature butter and just mix it with a fork until it gets nice and crumbly. And this is going to be the topping to your apple crisp. Keep mixing the topping with a fork until you get a nice crumbly consistency, and then just sprinkle it over the top of your apples, bake in a three hundred seventy-five degree preheated oven for thirty minutes or until the apples are fork tender. This smells so good. You guys have got to try this recipe. For more great recipes like this one, visit RecipeTips.com.

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