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types of edible solid fats Article
Most of the edible fats described below are solid or semisolid at room temperature and most are from animal sources. A small number of plant fats are also naturally solid or semisolid at room temperature.
baking grains Article
Baking Millet | Baking Oats | Baking Rice | Baking Wild Rice Many grains can be cooked using the baking method, which is a dry heat cooking process that surrounds food with heat in an enclosed oven.
ingredients - a to c Article
Use this ingredient equivalent chart to find out how much of an ingredient you need when your recipe suggests an unfamiliar quantity. A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - PQ - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z  A - Ingredients Ingredient Amount Equivalents Alfalfa Sprouts 1 lb.
types of pasta Article
Basic Types | Flavors and Colors | Pasta Shapes | Pasta Sauces Pasta is a basic staple ingredient used in cooking. It is available in hundreds of shapes worldwide and in many different flavors.
how to make pumpkin pie Article
There is nothing like a homemade pumpkin pie to share with family and friends. Learning the proper steps on how to make pumpkin pie from scratch is well worth the effort, for no shortcut method can match the flavor and texture of homemade pumpkin pie.
legendary irish spirits Article
The alcoholic beverages that have become synonymous with Ireland are Irish whiskey, dry stout, ale, wine geese, and Irish cream. Among the non-alcoholic beverages that are Irish favorites, tea is perhaps the most popular; in fact, the Irish consume more tea per capita than any other nation.
ingredients for homemade pasta Article
When making homemade pasta you will need to decide what type of flour you want to use. If making a flavored pasta that requires something other than a different variety of flour, you will need to purchase the necessary flavoring agent.
steamed asparagus Article
Steamed asparagus is easy to make. Steamed asparagus is quick and extremely simple to make, and is a delicious and healthful seasonal vegetable. Lightly steaming asparagus leaves it tender but not mushy, and with all its nutrients intact.
cake frosting basics Article
When it comes to cake decorating many of us just scoop the frosting on the cake and spread it around the best we can. Sometimes the cake doesn't turn out too bad and other time it can be a struggle to end up with a frosted cake that is presentable.
all about rhubarb Article
freezing rhubarb, cooking rhubarb, how to freeze
canning vegetables and fruits Article
See More Information on Canning Vegetables and Fruits:Canning Preparation | Canning Temperatures and Processing TimesCanning Methods | Canning Safety, Storage, and Tips Canning Supplies | Canning Ingredients Canning is the process used to preserve fruits and vegetables for long term shelf storage.
oils and fats cooking guide Article
Sautéing | Pan-Frying | Stir-Frying | Deep-Frying | Grilling and BroilingBaking with Olive Oil | Smoke Point | Cooking Guidelines Sautéing Sautéing is a cooking process using high heat that browns and sears food quickly in a small quantity of oil or fat in a skillet.
types of edible liquid fats Article
Oil Extraction Methods | Types of Edible Liquid FatsOlive Oil Basics | Types of Olive Oil   Oil Extraction Methods There are numerous edible oils obtained from plant sources that are used for hundreds of culinary, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products.
flat breads Article
Flat Breads Flat breads are made from both leavened and unleavened doughs. Both types have a general flat shape, although leavened flat breads are generally a bit taller and have a softer texture than unleavened flat breads.
shopping for flour Article
Types of Wheat Flour | Types of Non-Wheat FlourImportance of Gluten | Wheat/Non-Wheat Flour Proportions Flour is the main ingredient in all types of breads. Different types of flour milled from wheat are most commonly used for making bread.
grain products - other grains Article
Described below are some of the products (including flour) created directly from various grains. Other than a few exceptions, products that are created after the grain has been ground into flour are not described, because they are so numerous.
whipping cream Article
Types of Cream | Flavoring Whipped Cream | Preparing in Hot or Cold WeatherWhipping the Cream | Stabilizing Whipped Cream | Storing | Other Whipped Toppings Whipping cream can be used for several purposes.
all about greens Article
Greens Preparation | Greens Cooking | Tips Greens A generic name given to several types of leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, escarole, dandelion, and turnip greens that are often used in salads.
all about cabbage Article
Cabbage Preparation | Cabbage Cooking | Tips Cabbage A vegetable consisting of layers of thick leaves that grow around each other from the stem. The leaves of some varieties form dense, solid heads and others have leaves that grow more loosely around each other.
ham products Article
Hams | Raw Hams | Specialty Ham | Miscellaneous Hams Hams are cuts of pork that come from the leg, which have been dry cured (country hams) or wet-cured (city hams) and then boiled or smoked.
Top 41 articles found
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