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shank lamb Glossary Term
A cut of meat from the lower end of the legs. This is a lean, tough, but very flavorful and economical cut of lamb, which becomes tender and succulent when properly prepared, using moist heat and long, slow cooking.
ham hock Glossary Term
A pork cut taken from the ankle joint on the leg of a pig, most often the foreleg. Ham Hocks are available fresh, smoked or cured.
brisket Glossary Term
A cut of meat, typically sold as a boneless cut, that is removed from under the first five ribs in the breast section of the animal.
dafina Glossary Term
A type of stew that is a specialty of the Jewish population in Morocco. It is prepared with beef, traditionally the cow’s foot, but today is more often prepared with brisket, short ribs, or chuck roast.
cacciatora Glossary Term
The Italian word for "hunter" that refers to the manner of food preparation and the ingredients typically used for game dishes.
galantine Glossary Term
A French dish that is made with meat, poultry, or fish that is boned and stuffed, similar to a ballotine, and then cooked, but served cold instead of warm.
stew Glossary Term
A mixture of meat, poultry, or fish chunks, vegetables, herbs, spices, and liquid, such as water or stock, which are cooked together slowly at a low temperature in a covered pot.
hedgehog fungus Glossary Term
(Scientific Name: Hydnum repandum) Irregular in shape, the Hedgehog fungus has an indented or funnel-like cap that ranges in size from 1 inch to over 5 inches in diameter.
shredded beef Glossary Term
Also commonly known as pulled beef, this method of preparation typically involves longer cooking of beef cuts to create individual strands of tender meat for various food dishes.
shank Glossary Term
Available most commonly from beef, buffalo, lamb, pork, and veal, this cut of meat is taken from the foreleg of the animal.
beef chuck Glossary Term
The area of a steer that extends from the neck to the fifth rib of the chest cavity. Included in the Beef Chuck is the meat extending from the shoulder to the arm most often described as chuck roasts, pot roasts and short ribs.
cast iron cookware Glossary Term
A type of cookware constructed of a soft, heavy metal material known as Cast Iron, which is an excellent material for cooking foods.
stovetop grill pan Glossary Term
A piece of cookware, often referred to as a riffle pan, that is used to grill foods in the kitchen using stovetop burners.
hijiki Glossary Term
A black colored seaweed native to Japan that grows in small clumps of fronds with the appearance of tiny tree branches.
jerk chicken Glossary Term
Grilled chicken marinated in a spicy sauce that is traditionally served in Jamaica. The poultry is seasoned with a jerk sauce or marinade that combines allspice, cinnamon, chiles, garlic, thyme, onion, nutmeg, lime juice, olive oil, soy sauce, and brown sugar.
yellow leg mushroom Glossary Term
(Scientific Name: Cantharellus infundibuliformis) A common mushroom that grows in large groups in wooded areas and damp places.
aubergine Glossary Term
A slightly sweet, tender vegetable covered with a shiny skin that ranges in color from purple, which is the most familiar, to red, yellow, or white, depending on the variety.
chinese long bean Glossary Term
A long, thin Asian bean that can measure from one to three feet in length, but are best eaten when they are 12 to 20 inches long.
tripe Glossary Term
The edible lining of the stomach of various farm-raised animals. Tripe from pigs and sheep is marketed, but beef tripe is by far the most popular.
yard-long bean Glossary Term
A long, thin Asian bean that can measure from one to three feet in length, but are best eaten when they are 12 to 20 inches long.
Top 60 glossary terms found
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