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slow cooker cooking liner Glossary Term
Made with a plastic materials that are resistant to heat, Slow Cooker Liners are designed to hold foods as they cook in slow cooker appliances.
slow cooker Glossary Term
A small electric appliance that slowly cooks food with a low, moist heat. This piece of cookware allows food to be prepared at a consistent low temperature and is designed to cook for a period of six to twelve hours.
programmable slow cooker timer Glossary Term
Turn your basic slow cooker into a programmable unit by purchasing a programmable timer module. This module plugs into an electrical outlet and then the slow cooker is plugged into the module.
crock-pot Glossary Term
"Crock-Pot" is actually the brand name for a Rival® slow cooker. The term "crockpot" is often used when referring to a slow cooker, which is a small electric appliance that cooks food slowly with a moist heat that is low in temperature.
ragù sauce Glossary Term
A slow cooked sauce that uses the cooking process to combine all the ingredients into a blend of unique flavors.
broiler rotisserie Glossary Term
A cooking appliance that is used to slowly cook meats, poultry and firm textured seafood, such as shrimp, as it rotates continuously over a heat source.
chitterlings Glossary Term
A food made popular in the southern U.S. that is made from the small intestines of hogs. The intestines are slow cooked over several hours in an attempt to tenderize the meat and reduce the chewy texture of this organ.
tinga Glossary Term
A Mexican meat dish that is made with pork and sausage, slowly cooked in a spicy chile sauce and then served in a traditional food wrap such as a tostada, a tortilla or a taco shell.
stock Glossary Term
The clear liquid that remains after slowly cooking foods such as meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables....
beef shin Glossary Term
Also known as the shank, it is a cut of beef taken from the front lower leg of a steer. Due to the connective tissue, this cut is very tough so it is commonly braised or slow cooked to tenderize the meat.
clay roaster Glossary Term
A cooking container that is made of natural clay in a variety of sizes to evenly and slowly cook foods such as meats, poultry, seafoods, and vegetables.
braise Glossary Term
A method of cooking in which food is first seared in oil or fat using an open pan and is then slowly cooked in a small quantity of liquid with the pan covered.
gjetost cheese Glossary Term
A cheese of Norwegian origin made from a combination of goat and cow's milk or only cow's milk, which is slowly cooked until the sugars in the milk are caramelized.
lemon curd Glossary Term
A mixture made with sugar, water, egg yolks, butter, cream from milk, lemon flavored concentrate, natural lemon flavors, and pectin that is thickened by slowly cooking the ingredients in a double boiler.
rillons Glossary Term
A French food consisting of small to medium sized cubes of high quality pork (typically from a pork belly) that have been slowly cooked in a covered pot to become candied.
brunoise Glossary Term
A mixture of diced, cubed or shredded vegetables that are used as ingredients to flavor soups and sauces.
cubed steak Glossary Term
The process of preparing meat from by cutting the meat into cubes. Typically, a Cubed Steak is used to describe a cut of beef that is usually only suitable for stewing and slow cooking and may require tenderizing before it can be used so it is cut into bit-sized cubes.
cassoulet Glossary Term
A hearty meat stew originating in southern France, that consists of a confit (most often duck, goose, or pork) that is combined with white beans, vegetables, and potatoes, placed in a pot, and slowly cooked to blend all of the flavorful ingredients.
boiling onion Glossary Term
A type of onion that is a small red, yellow or white onion, usually measuring about an inch or less in diameter.
turketta Glossary Term
Attributed to Italian food chefs, this food item is made as boneless breast of turkey basted with a variety of succulent seasonings and spices.
Top 60 glossary terms found
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