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slow cooker steak n gravy Recipe
Steaks cooked in a slow cooker until very tender. This recipe creates delicious gravy that goes great on mashed potatoes. This is the perfect way to really enjoy your tenderized steaks.
slow cooker baked caramel apples Recipe
Slow Cooker Baked Caramel Apples Recipe for a quick-and-easy recipe for making baked apples. Visit our site for more slow cooker dessert recipes, other slow cooker recipes, and apple recipes.
slow cooker ham 2 Recipe
Ingredients included in this recipe are brown sugar, packed.
slow cookers chili beef n pasta Recipe
Turn leftover macaroni into a main dish with this slow cooker chili.
west indies slow cooker barbecued ribs Recipe
This version of barbecued pork ribs is prepared in the crock pot and features a distinctive blend of spices. This will certainly become one of your favorite slow cooker recipes.
slow cooker barbecued chicken drummies Recipe
A quick and easy recipe for those barbecued drummies everyone enjoys.
slow cooker ham Recipe
Ingredients included in this recipe are packed brown sugar.
slow cookers beef minestrone soup Recipe
Come home to the aroma of homemade Beef Minestrone Soup with Slow Cookers Vegetable Beef Soup Seasoning Mix and your slow cooker.
slow cooker orange teriyaki chicken Recipe
Among slow cooker chicken recipes, this one will take its place as one of the best. Slow cooker orange teriyaki chicken is easily prepared in the crock pot and benefits from long, slow cooking.
slow cooker raspberry chicken Recipe
With a delicious sweet flavor and a hint of spiciness, this chicken and rice recipe is easily prepared in the slow cooker. This will become a favorite among slow cooker chicken recipes.
slow cooker rice pudding with raspberry sauce Recipe
Fresh raspberries make the sauce a prefect topping for this sweet rice pudding.
slow cooker potatoes Recipe
A quick and easy potato recipe that is a great side dish for any type of meat.
slow cooker scalloped potatoes  bacon Recipe
A savory side dish of scalloped potatoes slow cooked with onions and bacon to enhance the flavor. Perfect to serve alongside any grilled or roasted meat.
slow cooker roast pork Recipe
Ingredients included in this recipe are Boston butt, Worcestershire sauce.
slow cooker orange chicken Recipe
This version of the popular chicken recipe is made in the crock pot. The sweet and savory flavors of this Asian-style entrée make this tender chicken a favorite among slow cooker recipes.
slow cooker breakfast bake Recipe
Prepare this delicious slow cooker breakfast recipe for your next Sunday brunch. Visit RecipeTips.com for more breakfast recipes and other free recipes along with many great cooking tips.
slow cookers hearty beef stew Recipe
Under $2.50 per serving. Your family will love the home-style flavor of Hearty Beef Stew. For a quick start, trim the meat and cut the veggies into pieces the night before, then refrigerate until you're ready to start cooking. Just remember to cover the potatoes with water.
slow cooker pulled pork barbecue Recipe
Pulled pork barbecue made in a slow cooker is perfect for weeknight meals. Serve on sandwich rolls with a side of Summertime Slaw.
slow cooker roast Recipe
Ingredients included in this recipe are roast, potatoes, carrots, onion, onion gravy.
slow cookers spicy mexican pork stew Recipe
McCormick® Slow Cookers Chili Seasoning adds the spicy Mexican flavor to this colorful stew made in a slow cooker.
Top 250 recipes found
Displaying 41-60 | << Prev 20 | Next 20 >>

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