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slow cooker cooking liner Glossary Term
Made with a plastic materials that are resistant to heat, Slow Cooker Liners are designed to hold foods as they cook in slow cooker appliances.
slow cooker Glossary Term
A small electric appliance that slowly cooks food with a low, moist heat. This piece of cookware allows food to be prepared at a consistent low temperature and is designed to cook for a period of six to twelve hours.
programmable slow cooker timer Glossary Term
Turn your basic slow cooker into a programmable unit by purchasing a programmable timer module. This module plugs into an electrical outlet and then the slow cooker is plugged into the module.
crock-pot Glossary Term
"Crock-Pot" is actually the brand name for a Rival® slow cooker. The term "crockpot" is often used when referring to a slow cooker, which is a small electric appliance that cooks food slowly with a moist heat that is low in temperature.
ragù sauce Glossary Term
A slow cooked sauce that uses the cooking process to combine all the ingredients into a blend of unique flavors.
broiler rotisserie Glossary Term
A cooking appliance that is used to slowly cook meats, poultry and firm textured seafood, such as shrimp, as it rotates continuously over a heat source.
asparagus cooking rack asparagus cooker stand Glossary Term
A stainless steel rack that is built to hold asparagus so it can be steamed vertically with the stems standing in several inches of water when cooking.
smother Glossary Term
To cook slowly, over a low heat, in a covered pan using little liquid.
pressure cooker Glossary Term
A cooking utensil that creates pressurized steam to cook foods. A traditional pressure cooker consists of a steel pot with an aluminum base, a locking lid containing an airtight seal, and a removable safety valve (on older models) that attaches to the lid or a built-in value with easy to read pressure markings (newer models).
clay roaster Glossary Term
A cooking container that is made of natural clay in a variety of sizes to evenly and slowly cook foods such as meats, poultry, seafoods, and vegetables.
chitterlings Glossary Term
A food made popular in the southern U.S. that is made from the small intestines of hogs. The intestines are slow cooked over several hours in an attempt to tenderize the meat and reduce the chewy texture of this organ.
braise Glossary Term
A method of cooking in which food is first seared in oil or fat using an open pan and is then slowly cooked in a small quantity of liquid with the pan covered.
oven cooking bag Glossary Term
A cooking bag manufactured with heat tempered plastic enabling it to withstand the high temperatures of an oven.
tinga Glossary Term
A Mexican meat dish that is made with pork and sausage, slowly cooked in a spicy chile sauce and then served in a traditional food wrap such as a tostada, a tortilla or a taco shell.
coddled egg Glossary Term
A method of cooking an egg in which the egg is cooked more slowly than a boiled egg, but basically yields the same results, except that the egg is more tender.
stock Glossary Term
The clear liquid that remains after slowly cooking foods such as meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables....
navarin Glossary Term
A stew made from lamb and vegetables that is cooked slowly so that the meat is tender and to allow the vegetables to be flavored by the herbs and spices.
barbecue Glossary Term
Refers to a method of cooking that involves long, slow, indirect cooking with low heat, usually in a pit or special cooking chamber that is allowed to fill with smoke to add flavor to the food.
beef shin Glossary Term
Also known as the shank, it is a cut of beef taken from the front lower leg of a steer. Due to the connective tissue, this cut is very tough so it is commonly braised or slow cooked to tenderize the meat.
steam cooking bag Glossary Term
A plastic bag used for steam cooking food in the microwave. These sealable bags have special slits cut into them to allow venting during the steaming process.
Top 148 glossary terms found
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