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how to freeze tomatoes Article
When frozen tomatoes are thawed they do not remain solid and are not suitable for sandwiches or salads. However, frozen tomatoes are a delicious addition to cooked dishes such as chili.
types of kitchen knives Article
Construction | Handles | Blade Material | Cutting Edges | Knife VarietiesChoosing the Right Knife | Maintaining and Storing | Sharpening To choose a knife that is of good quality and best fits your needs, you need a basic knowledge of the various parts and construction of a knife.
shredding chicken Article
After the chicken has been cooked, it can be shredded to use for several purposes. Shredded chicken is good for making sandwiches, adding to salads, and is used as an ingredient in many different dishes.
beef - salted Article
Various cuts of beef can be preserved with large quantities of salt or with the use of brining solutions. The preservation process lengthens the time that the beef products can be used safely.
planning a picnic and recipe suggestions Article
Planning and hosting a picnic for family and friends is a great way to bring everyone together for outdoor food and fun. All you need is a little planning, packing and sunshine to create a day of memories.
cheeses of switzerland Article
Cheeses of Switzerland Appenzeller Appenzeller is a traditional cow's milk cheese produced in Appenzell region of Switzerland. The cheese has a pale yellow-orange color and a firm texture.
basic breads Article
Basic breads are those that are made with a simple recipe of a few ingredients, are yeast leavened, and are usually easy for the home cook to prepare, requiring only basic bread making skills and simple pieces of kitchen equipment.
barbecue sauce recipes Article
Top off your grilled meats and poultry with the original flavor of homemade barbecue sauce. RecipeTips.com has a selection to suit almost any type of grilled pork or beef ribs, burgers, pulled meat sandwiches, chicken, or even appetizers and side dishes.
all about radishes Article
Radish Preparation | Radish Cooking Tips Radishes A root vegetable related to the turnip and horseradish family, with a crisp texture and a peppery hot flavor.
flat breads Article
Flat Breads Flat breads are made from both leavened and unleavened doughs. Both types have a general flat shape, although leavened flat breads are generally a bit taller and have a softer texture than unleavened flat breads.
all about lettuce Article
Tools for Preparation | Lettuce Preparation | Tips Lettuce A family of vegetables consisting of five varieties classified according to shape and growth. Vitamin A and potassium are the most notable nutrients in lettuce.
cheeses of germany and austria Article
Cheeses of Germany and Austria Allgauer Emmentaler Allgauer Emmentaler is a German cow's milk cheese that is much like Swiss Emmental. It is characterized by large holes throughout the cheese and a texture that is somewhat hard.
all about tomatoes Article
Tomato Preparation | Tomato Cooking | Tips | Tomato Garnish Tomatoes In the plant family, the tomato is classified as a fruit (berry), but when eaten it resembles a vegetable.
graveyard brownies Article
You can make Halloween truly festive when you create your own homemade desserts that complement the holiday. The dessert recipe featured in this informative video produced by Kraft Foods® is the perfect addition to Halloween.
cheeses of holland Article
Cheeses of Holland Boerenkaas Boerenkaas is a farmhouse-style cheese that originated in Holland. The name comes from the Dutch words boer, which means farmer, and kaas, which means cheese.
breads using starters Article
Using a starter is, perhaps, the oldest method for preparing leavened breads. Many basic bread varieties use a starter as the leavening agent. Although it can be a lengthy process, using a starter greatly contributes to the flavor and texture of the bread.
pork - miscellaneous Article
Miscellaneous Products Pork Cutlets (Scallops) Cutlets are thin boneless pieces of meat that weigh 4 ounces or less and are taken from tender cuts, such as the tenderloin and loin.
crumb crust Article
Crumb Crust Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups graham-cracker crumbs (approximately 18 graham cracker squares)1/4 cup sugar1/3 cup melted butter or margarine Crumb crust is an alternative to the traditional single pie crust.
ham tips and techniques Article
Shopping Tips | Thawing Tips | Cooking Tips | Roasting/Baking Tips | Grilling Tips | Checking Doneness | Refrigerating Tips | Freezing Tips Shopping Tips: Decide the type and quality of ham that you want for your serving intentions.
cheeses of france gabietou to neufchatel Article
Cheeses of France: Gabietou to Neufchatel Gabietou Pronounced gah-bee-ay-too, this cheese is a mixture of one-third raw sheep's milk and two-thirds cow's milk. Originating in southwestern France, Gabietou Cheese is formed into wheels that range in weight from 6 to 10 pounds.
Top 78 articles found
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