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salad dressing Article
Salad Dressing Selection | Types of Salad Dressing | How to Dress a Salad A type of sauce that may use mayonnaise or a vinaigrette combined with other ingredients to create a topping or flavoring that can be mixed into salad greens or salad items being prepared.
salad recipes Article
Salad recipes aren't just on the side anymore. These great salads can make it a meal for lunch or dinner.
blueberry pasta salad Article
Making this Blueberry Pasta Salad recipe will become a summer time favorite. Follow the instructions below create a pasta salad that is quick and easy. Blueberry Pasta Salad This recipe calls for dried blueberries, which adds flavor and texture to the salad.
all about greens Article
Greens Preparation | Greens Cooking | Tips Greens A generic name given to several types of leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, escarole, dandelion, and turnip greens that are often used in salads.
how to cook spinach Article
From fresh salads to sautéed side dishes, spinach makes a nutritious addition to any meal and cooking spinach is easy to do. Look for creative ways to use this leafy green vegetable in pasta, soup, casserole or other main dishes.
types of edible liquid fats Article
Oil Extraction Methods | Types of Edible Liquid FatsOlive Oil Basics | Types of Olive Oil   Oil Extraction Methods There are numerous edible oils obtained from plant sources that are used for hundreds of culinary, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products.
how to make a watermelon basket Article
A fresh watermelon basket is a perfect way to serve a fresh fruit salad to dress up any special occasion. Fill it with your favorite summer fruit and serve it at your next 4th of July celebration, family reunion, neighborhood cookout, or any summer get together.
cucumber balls Article
Cucumbers balls are a great garnish for salads or desserts. Begin by slicing the cucumber in half. The seeds should remain in the cucumber for sufficient flesh. With a melon baller, make balls with the flesh of the cucumber.
julienne carrots Article
To Julienne carrots for salad topping or a simple garnish: Begin with a clean, peeled carrot. Slice four sides of the carrot to create a rectangle. Cut carrot lengthwise into approximately 1/8 inch slices.
carrot curls Article
Garnish your salads or main entrée with a carrot curl. Before slicing, use a vegetable peeler to cut a strip of the peeled carrot. The carrot strip must be rolled and secured with a toothpick.
all about onions Article
Additional Onion Information:Onion Preparation | Onion Cooking | Onion and Tearing Tips Onions Onions are vegetables that belong to the lily family of plants.
all about lettuce Article
Tools for Preparation | Lettuce Preparation | Tips Lettuce A family of vegetables consisting of five varieties classified according to shape and growth. Vitamin A and potassium are the most notable nutrients in lettuce.
spices Article
The definition of seasoning is to enhance flavor with herbs, spice, & citrus   Spices Spice is a plant product, such as the bark, seeds, buds, fruit, stems or roots, generally used in a dried form, which have a definite flavor or aroma and are used to add flavor to foods.
pineapple Article
Pineapple is a versatile tropical fruit that is used in many types of recipes. It is often used as an ingredient in fruit salads, pies, cakes, and ice cream recipes; it goes very well with ham, pork, chicken, and seafood; it's an excellent fruit for grilling; and it's one of the most delicious fruits eaten as is--no additional ingredients required to enhance the unique flavor.
how to freeze tomatoes Article
When frozen tomatoes are thawed they do not remain solid and are not suitable for sandwiches or salads. However, frozen tomatoes are a delicious addition to cooked dishes such as chili.
ingredients - s to z Article
Use this ingredient equivalent chart to find out how much of an ingredient you need when your recipe suggests an unfamiliar quantity. A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - PQ - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z  S - Ingredients Ingredient Amount Equivalents Saffron, threads 4 to 6 1/4 tsp.
healthy 4th of july recipes Article
This helpful video shows you some easy ways to cut calories and maintain a more healthful diet during the 4th of July holiday. In a holiday filled with backyard cookouts and barbecues, these dietary tips help you to make the proper food choices without sacrificing the foods that you crave during the height of summertime fun.
all about apples - h to p Article
All About Apples - Additional Articles:Apple Preparation | Prevent Browning | Apple Cooking Apples A to G | Apples H to P | Apples Q to Z Haralson Apple A variety of apple that is medium sized, bright red in color with a spot of green, and pronounced small tan-colored spots all over the outer skin.
choose the best apple Article
Use the chart below as a quick reference when deciding which apple is best for your particular needs. Variety of Apple Fresh Salad Bake Cook Pie Dried Other Ambrosia X X           Baldwin     X X     Cider Braeburn X X X X X   Sauce Cameo X X X         Connell Red X       X X Sauce Cortland X X X X X   Sauce Crab Apples             Jelly &WineButter Criterion X X X   X   Sauce Elstar X X X   X   Sauce Empire X X X X X X   Fireside X X X X   X   Fuji X X X   X   Sauce Gala X X X   X X Sauce Ginger Gold X X X       Sauce Golden Delicious X X X X X   Sauce Golden Russet X   X     X Cider Golden Supreme     X     X Cider Granny Smith X X X X X     Gravenstein X   X X X   Sauce Haralson X   X X X X Sauce Honeycrisp X X X X X X Sauce Honeygold X X X   X   Sauce Idared X   X X X X Sauce Jonagold X X X X X   Sauce Jonamac X   X X       Jonathan X X X X X X Sauce Keepsake X   X         Lady X           Sauce Macoun X       X     McIntosh X X   X X*   Sauce Melrose X X X   X     Mutsu X   X X X   Sauce Newton Pippin X X X   X   Sauce Northern Spy     X   X   Sauce Northwest Greening     X X X   Sauce Pacific Queen X X           Pacific Rose X X           Paula Red X X X X X   Sauce** Pink Fir   X   X       Pink Lady X X X   X     Prairie Spy X X X   X     Red Delicious X X           Redfree X       X X   Regent X X X X X   Sauce Rhode Island Greening X   X X X   Sauce Rome X X X X X   Sauce Sierra Beauty X     X       Southern Rose X X           Spartan X X X   X X Sauce Splendor X           Dessert Stayman X X X X X     Sunrise X   X   X     Sweet 16 X   X       Sauce Wealthy X   X X X   Sauce Winesap X X X   X   Sauce Wolf River X   X X   X Sauce York Imperial     X X X   Sauce Zestar X   X       Sauce *May need a thickener when used in pies because of the juiciness of the apple.
cucumber cut-outs Article
Slice a cucumber, leaving skin on, into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices. Use a small cookie cutter to create garnishments for your salad or entrée.
Top 160 articles found
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