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Salad Recipes
Salad recipes aren't just on the side anymore. Many of the great salads in our collection can be served as a side dish or as the main course for lunch or dinner. With a mixture of vegetables and the addition of meat, such as chicken or ham, and served with a slice of garlic bread, may be all you need for a complete meal.
Pasta Salad Recipes
Summertime or anytime, this collection of pasta salad recipes will provide you with many scrumptious choices. For more salad options, see our Potato Salad Recipes collection or select a mouth-watering Burger Recipe to serve with a pasta salad for your next holiday get-together.
Lettuce Salad Recipes
Lettuce salad recipes make great summer side dishes but they can also be enjoyed as a light meal. There are several types of lettuce available that can be used in preparing a lettuce salad. You can mix several types together for a blend of flavors and textures.
Potluck Salad Recipes
With our collection of Potluck Salad Recipes you will find a variety of salads that go well with any main dish which makes them perfect to serve at a potluck dinner. Any of these tasty salads are sure to be a hit at your next gathering.
Potato Salad Recipes
A recipe from our Potato Salad Collection will make the perfect side dish for your next barbecue, picnic, cookout, or potluck. You will find a potato salad recipe made with sweet potatoes, a recipe with a southwest flair, and a German Potato Salad that is served warm.
Easy Weeknight Dinner Salad Recipes
In our Easy Weeknight Dinner Salad Recipes collection we have selected some delicious salads that make great light weeknight meals. We often think of salads as a side dish but many salads make prefect light meals.
Fruit Salad Recipes
All ages love a fresh fruit salad. They can be plain, dressed with fruit juices or served in a creamy sauce. Any of these yummy salad recipes would be an excellent choice to complete your menu for a weeknight meal or for any special occasion.
Salad Dressing Recipes
Making fresh homemade salad dressing is easy with these great recipes. We feature blue cheese dressing, vinaigrettes and many more.
Drying Lettuce and Salad Greens
Dry lettuce and other salad greens before adding dressing by tossing a couple of paper towels with the greens in a large bowl.
Summer Side Dish Recipes
Our summer side dish recipes provide that summer fresh flavor to your picnics and gatherings of family and friends. These summer side dishes are the perfect accompaniment to our chicken recipes and grilling recipes to satisfy any hungry appetite.
Do Not Use Fresh Pineapple in Gelatin Salads
Do not use fresh pineapple in a salad that contains gelatin. The fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that will prevent the gelatin from setting. Use canned pineapple instead.
4th of July Recipes
Celebrate this 4th of July with great grilling recipes, potato salad recipes and chicken recipes. For a special touch on this patriotic day, make our American Flag Cake or try one of our other red, white, and blue dessert recipes for a spectacular finish to any meal.
Pasta Recipes
Everyone loves pasta, either in a cream sauce or a red sauce. Enjoy our collection of recipes with all your favorite noodles. The great thing about pasta is you can usually use your favorite noodle type no matter what the recipe says. Or you can try something new!
Watermelon Videos
What do you do with this large melon? We have easy tips to cutting it, creating a watermelon basket and other great videos to help you. Enjoy!
Egg Recipes
Egg recipes that include breakfast, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers for holiday entertaining and everyday meals. Eggs are used as an ingredient in making up many recipes but it is also used as the main ingredient for many tasty dishes. This collection will show you some of the great egg recipes you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Garlic Bread Recipes
These garlic bread recipes are the perfect side to salad, pasta, or grilled dishes. Whether you like it wrapped in foil for warm soft-textured bread or grilled directly on the grates or under the broiler for a crispy texture, we have a perfect recipe to suit your needs.
Lunch Recipes
Our collection of lunch recipes features soups, sandwiches, and salads that are easy to prepare for an everyday lunch or any special occasion. These lunch recipes are great to serve Mom on Mother's Day, for a special brunch, or to serve at a bridal or baby shower.
Top 54 collections found
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