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lamb kebabs lamb on a stick Recipe
A very dramatic way to serve ground lamb - and it tastes great!
slow cooker lamb shanks milanaise Recipe
Try this great slow cooker lamb recipe from RecipeTips.com. Also see other information on preparing lamb, roasting lamb, and lamb cooking times.
lavender lamb chops Recipe
Although lavender is usually valued for its aromatic contribution to sachets and pot-pourri, it adds, when used sparingly, an interesting undertone to more familiar herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Try using the smaller amount at first.
baked lamb ribs Recipe
Crisp, tasty ribs, and as a bonus, some flavorful broth. The process is easiest if you can simmer the ribs one day and bake them the next, but can easily be done in one day.
balsamic glazed lamb liver Recipe
An updated version of an old favorite. The onions take a long time to carmelize, but the liver cooks in minutes (and is best not overcooked) so have the rest of the meal ready when the meat goes in the pan.
mediterranean lamb and rice casserole Recipe
This versatile dish is good with either fresh or left-over cooked lamb, and can be cooked on the stove-top or in the oven.
lamb braised in red wine Recipe
This method turns the toughest cuts of lamb into fork-tender morsels in a rich-tasting sauce.
leg of lamb for four Recipe
Roast leg of lamb, an easy and festive entree, is often considered only for larger gatherings since it will typically serve 8 to 10.
lamb and lima bean casserole Recipe
Lamb and white beans have a special affinity and are the basis for many Mediterranean dishes such as this simple but delicious one.
gyros Recipe
A traditional Greek sandwich made with tender pieces of lamb meat.
grilled lamb chops Recipe
Pride of New Zealand! Rack of Lamb- via Costco. Lamb chops are not easy grilling. They're marbled with fat and easily flare-up. Grill them hot and fast and enjoy medium rare lamb chops. Cut the rack into chops 20-30 minutes before grilling, season and bring to room temperature.
pan broiled lamb chops Recipe
A simple marinade gives these lamb chops an elegant taste.
lamb masala Recipe
In this Indian-inspired dish, the many spices blend into a mild but interesting flavor.
roasted rack of lamb Recipe
An easy recipe with just the right seasonings for delicious racks of lamb presented as a guard of honor. This recipe will enhance the flavor of the lamb whether the rack is presented as a single rack, a standing rib roast, or as a guard of honor.
grilled lamb chops with rosemary Recipe
Tender lamb chops, grilled with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh rosemary, are accentuated with a delicious aioli sauce. Try this easy-to-prepare lamb recipe as a terrific Easter dinner alternative to traditional roast leg of lamb.
stuffed lamb shoulder roast Recipe
This versatile, economical cut makes great eating.
tuscan grilled lamb chops with warm white bean provenãƒâ§al Recipe
This summer your patio becomes a backyard bistro with this Provençal-inspired dish of grilled lamb chops glazed with fig preserves. Serve with a white bean salad enlivened with garlic and lemon.
irish stew Recipe
This traditional Irish stew is made with lamb meat, big slices of potatoes and onions, and broth. Baked in the oven rather than on the stovetop, it is a popular St. Patrick's Day dish.
grilled leg of lamb Recipe
Grilling brings out the best in lamb, and it's even better when brined first although you can skip this step if you wish and still have a delectable entrée.
leg of lamb in a pepper crust Recipe
A classic lamb roast, with a little extra spice and flavor.
Top 51 recipes found
Displaying 1-20 | Next 20 >>

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