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carving lamb Article
Leg of Lamb | Rack of Lamb | Rolled Shoulder | Saddle of Lamb Carving a Leg of Lamb A leg of lamb is one of simplest roasts to carve. There are no complicated techniques involved and all that is required is a sharp knife and a means to steady the roast as it is being carved.
cuts of lamb Article
Types of Lamb | Shoulder | Breast and ForeshankRib | Loin/Flank | Leg | Variety Meats | Special-Order Cuts Lamb, the meat from the carcass of a young sheep, is a lean red meat with a mild, but distinctive flavor.
rotisserie grilling lamb Article
Rotisserie Grilling Lamb | Rotisserie Roasting a Whole Lamb | Doneness For general guidelines on rotisserie grilling, see Rotisserie Grilling Basics. Rotisserie Grilling Lamb Cuts of lamb that have a basic cylindrical shape and a fairly even distribution of weight are suitable for cooking on a rotisserie.
whole lamb and primal cuts Article
Whole Lamb Baby Lamb, sometimes called Hothouse Lamb, is milk-fed lamb that is not more than 10 weeks old. It usually weighs less than 20 pounds and the meat is very pale pink in color.
lamb preparation guide Article
Thawing | Preparing a Rack of Lamb | Preparing a Crown RoastPreparing a Guard of Honor | Boning and Butterflying a Leg of Lamb | Grinding Thawing Lamb that has been frozen should never be defrosted at room temperature because harmful bacteria may grow rapidly under such conditions.
roasting lamb Article
Roasting a rack of lamb is an impressive entrée to prepare for Easter or any special occasion. Roasted Rack of Lamb will be the main attraction on any dinner table. Use the appropriate lamb cooking times for proper doneness, and you will have a spectacular feast for any special dinner.
lamb tips and techniques Article
Shopping | Roasting | Grilling and Broiling | SautéingGeneral Safety and Handling | Ground Lamb Safety and Handling | Nutrition Shopping When shopping for lamb, select lean cuts and use low fat cooking methods such as roasting, broiling, grilling, braising, or stewing.
lamb cooking times Article
When cooking lamb, the proper lamb cooking time and the correct cooking temperature are extremely important. The optimum flavor and tenderness of various cuts of lamb can be consistently achieved when care is taken to follow the guidelines for the recommended lamb cooking times and cooking temperatures.
lamb shopping guide Article
Selecting Cuts | Inspection and Grading | Look and Feel | Quantity to Buy Selecting Cuts A successful outcome in cooking lamb depends on matching the recipe or cooking method with an appropriate cut of lamb.
lamb handling safety  storage Article
Contamination Prevention | Doneness | Proper Storage | Safety and Handling Tips Contamination Prevention Shopping Make sure that lamb is among the last items selected when shopping, so that it is without refrigeration for as short of time as possible.
lamb nutritional facts Article
The USDA recommends 2 or 3 servings of meat, fish, or poultry per day. One serving of cooked lamb is equal to 3 ounces and is about the size of a deck of cards. An average 3-ounce serving of lamb contains about 176 calories, which is comparable to many other types of red meat and poultry.
lamb - oven roasts Article
Oven Roasts A cut of lamb suitable for oven roasting is usually a minimum of 2 inches thick. If not overcooked, the dry heat of oven roasting enhances the flavor and tenderness of the lamb.
braising stewing lamb Article
Braising | Stewing Braising and stewing involve the slow cooking of meat in a liquid. This technique tenderizes and softens firm or tough cuts and allows for rich and subtle blending of the meat flavors with those of the liquid and seasonings.
lamb - ribs Article
Ribs Lamb ribs that will be grilled or barbecued are cut from the breast primal. The rib primal is reserved for tender rib chops and rib roasts.
lamb - steaks Article
Steaks Lamb steaks are usually cut from the leg. Small, expensive steaks are cut from the loin and are known as medallions or noisettes.
lamb - chops Article
Chops Chops are among the most popular fresh lamb cuts. The most tender and expensive chops are cut from the loin and rib.
broiling lamb Article
Oven-Broiling | Pan-Broiling Broiling and grilling are essentially the same technique: the application of intense, direct heat to the meat, one side at a time. In grilling, the heat is below the meat; in broiling the heat comes from above (usually in an oven).
lamb - roasts for braising Article
Roasts for Braising Tougher cuts of lamb that contain a large quantity of collagen (connective tissue) are ideal candidates for braising.
doneness of lamb Article
General Guidelines | Degree of Doneness | Meat Thermometers General Guidelines Because of growing concern that harmful bacteria may be present in the internal portions of meat, it is now recommended that whole lamb cuts be cooked to an internal temperature (after the resting period, if applicable) of not less than 145°F.
grilling lamb Article
Types of Grills | Outdoor Grill Setup | Direct Heat Grilling | Indirect Heat Grilling The grilling process cooks foods with a high heat source, either directly, indirectly, or with a combination of both.
Top 60 articles found
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