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lamb Glossary Term
A young sheep, generally between 5 to 12 months of age. Lamb meat is lean with a distinctive flavor....
spring lamb Glossary Term
The meat from a young sheep, generally under one year old. Also called "lamb" or "genuine lamb." Spring lamb is usually marketed at a weight ranging from 20 to 40 pounds.
leg steak lamb Glossary Term
A lamb leg steak comes from the center of the leg. It is identifiable by the crosscut section of round leg bone within the meat.
leg of lamb Glossary Term
Although a lamb has four legs, only the two hind legs produce the cut referred to as "leg of lamb". It is a large, lean, and tender cut and can be used whole or subdivided into smaller cuts, which can are usually cooked using dry heat methods, such as roasting.
shank lamb Glossary Term
A cut of meat from the lower end of the legs. This is a lean, tough, but very flavorful and economical cut of lamb, which becomes tender and succulent when properly prepared, using moist heat and long, slow cooking.
rib roast lamb Glossary Term
A whole rib roast, or "rack of lamb" has seven or eight ribs. It is very tender and flavorful, but it is also one of the most expensive cuts of lamb.
lambs lettuce Glossary Term
A salad green that has small dark green, velvety leaves with a rich, sweet flavor, similar to hazelnut.
sirloin chop lamb Glossary Term
A chop from the sirloin end of the leg of lamb. It is identifiable by the crosscut section of round leg bone within the meat.
rib chop lamb Glossary Term
A rib chop is, with the loin chop, the most highly prized, the most tender, and tastiest cut of lamb.
loin chop lamb Glossary Term
Loin chops, which are crosswise slices from the loin roast, are the leanest, tenderest, and most expensive of the various lamb chops.
gyro Glossary Term
A Greek food consisting of lamb that is cooked and served in a bread wrap, such as pita bread. A leg of lamb is most often cooked to be used as the main ingredient for the Gyro.
merquez sausage Glossary Term
Commonly served in Moroccan food dishes, this meat product consists of lamb that is ground, mixed with herbs, spices and seasonings such as garlic, cumin, chili paste, and cayenne pepper, and then stuffed into a sausage casing.
ribs Glossary Term
1. The cuts of meat obtained from the rib cages of beef, veal, lamb, and pork. Back ribs are cut from the beef rib primal and short ribs are cut from the chuck and plate.
mignonette Glossary Term
1. A very small, round tender piece of meat that is generally an inch or so in diameter. This term is most often used in reference to lamb meat and may also be called a medallion of lamb or a noisette.
haggis sausage Glossary Term
A sausage that is Scottish in origin and made by using a lamb's stomach lining (a sheep's pluck) as the sausage casing and filling it with a mixture of ground lamb organs, minced onion, suet, oatmeal, and various seasonings.
casing Glossary Term
A very thin edible covering, either natural or some form of a synthetic, that is used to enclose ground meat and other ingredients that have been processed into a sausage product.
mutton Glossary Term
The meat from a mature sheep, which is an animal that is 2 years old or older. The meat from sheep up to 1 year old is referred to as lamb and from 1 year to 2 years is called yearling meat.
shank cut Glossary Term
Any cut of meat taken from the foreleg of beef, lamb, pork, buffalo, or veal. Shank cuts include the pork ham hocks, which are sometimes referred to as the hock end or the ankle region on an animal.
arm steak Glossary Term
A specialty cut of meat taken from the shoulder primal of beef, pork, lamb, or veal. The shoulder is generally cut for roasts, but when sliced approximately 3/4 inch thick, this cut becomes an arm steak.
mint sauce Glossary Term
An green colored herb sauce made from mint leaves, sugar and vinegar. Mint sauce is a common sauce applied as a marinade to poultry, fish or meat, most notably lamb.
Top 156 glossary terms found
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