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When cooking your favorite slow cooker recipes, always allow enough time for the slow cooker to cook the food to the proper doneness. If there is any doubt about the degree of doneness, especially when cooking meat in a slow cooker, use a reliable meat thermometer to ensure that the food has reached the minimum safe temperature.


Use this chart to convert conventional oven cooking
times to the proper slow-cooker cooking times.
Conventional Oven
Cooking Time
Slow-Cooker Cooking Time
Low-heat Setting (200) High-heat Setting (300)
15 - 30 minutes

4 - 8 hours

1 1/2 hours
30 - 40 minutes 6 - 10 hours 3 - 4 hours
50 minutes - 3 hours 8 - 18 hours 4 - 6 hours
Note: Most uncooked meat or poultry and vegetable combinations will require
at least 8 hours on the low heat setting to cook to the proper doneness.