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Veal Cooking Times and Temperatures

When cooking veal, it is important to follow the correct veal cooking times and temperatures to ensure the optimum flavor and tenderness of the meat.

Using the recommended time and temperature guidelines will ensure that the meat is cooked to the minimum safe internal temperature, which is critical in preventing food-borne illness that can be caused by undercooked meat. Using an accurate meat thermometer is the best way to ensure proper doneness when cooking veal.

Use the following chart as a guide for determining the correct cooking time and temperature depending on the type of veal cut that you plan to use, the weight or thickness of the meat, and whether the veal will be grilled or oven roasted.

VEAL Cooking Times and Temperatures

Oven Cooked Veal

Veal Cut Oven
Weight Approximate Cooking Time
(minutes per pound)
Boneless shoulder roast 325°F 3 - 5 lbs. 35 - 40 minutes
Leg rump or round roast (boneless) 325°F 3 - 5 lbs. 35 - 40 minutes
Boneless loin roast 325°F 3 - 5 lbs. 25 - 30 minutes
Rib roast 325°F 3 - 5 lbs. 30 - 40 minutes

Grilled Veal

Veal Cut Thickness Approximate Cooking Time
(medium doneness)
Loin or rib chops 1 inch 12 - 14 minutes
Arm or blade steak (marinated) 3/4 inch 16 - 18 minutes
Shoulder kabobs 1 1/4 inch cubes 16 - 18 minutes
Ground veal patties 1/2 inch (4 oz. patty) 12 - 14 minutes
Note: Start with veal at refrigerator temperature. Remove the veal from the oven when the
meat thermometer reads 155°- 160°F; the temperature will continue to rise as the veal stands.
Note: When grilling with Indirect Heat generally the coals (or burners on a gas grill) are heated to a high heat. When grilling with Direct Heat the coals (or burners on a gas grill) are heated to a medium heat. Use these heat settings unless you have a recipe that states something different. See how to test the grill temperature.