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How to Freeze Corn on the Cob - Cooking Tips

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What You Need:

14 cups
fresh corn on the cob, approximately 24-30 ears of corn
3/4 cup
1/8 cup
7 cups
  Plastic sealable freezer bags

Preparation for Freezing Corn:

Peel back the husk removing it from the corn cob.
Break or cut off any excess corn stalk.
Remove the thin silk that runs along the kernels of the corn. Remove excess silk with a vegetable brush or with a damp paper towel.
Remove kernels by standing the ear of corn upright on a cutting board or inside a pan that can be used to catch the corn as it is cut off. Using a sharp utility or chef's knife, cut the kernels straight down along the corn cob to free numerous rows of kernels at the same time.
Place 14 cups of prepared corn into a large stock pot. Add sugar and salt.
Slowly pour in 7 cups of water. Adjust amount of water to just cover corn. Stir.
Bring corn mixture to a boil. Boil 1-5 minutes to desired tenderness.
Allow corn to cool. Spreading corn onto a large cookie sheet will cool the corn quicker.

Scoop corn into a plastic sealable freezer bags, include a small amount of the remaining water mixture in each bag. Flatten corn filled bag and place in freezer.

Tip: With a permanent marker, write the date the bag of corn was frozen for future reference.