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Dried Beef Products

Various cuts of beef can be preserved using a combination of seasonings and drying processes, performed under controlled conditions, to produce food items that have a long shelf life.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a dried beef product in which strips of beef are seasoned and dried. The strips were traditionally dried in the sun, but today are dried in large commercial dryers or dehydrators. The texture is tough and chewy, but the jerky strips are very flavorful and keep for long periods.


Biltong is a dried beef product that is much like beef jerky or Italian Bresaola, but it is seasoned differently and is South African in origin. It is most often made from beef rump, but wild game, such as deer or ostrich meat, is also used. Biltong is produced by first cutting the meat into strips. Long narrow strips of Biltong are most often cut with the grain while larger flat pieces of Biltong are cut across the grain. After slicing, as much of the sinew or silver skin is removed as possible. The meat is then salted, dipped in undiluted vinegar for tenderizing, and seasoned with spices, such as pepper and coriander. It is then hung to dry in cool air.


Bresaola is an Italian air-dried beef product similar to South African Biltong, but it is seasoned differently. Unlike Biltong, it is not prepared as strips of meat, but is prepared whole and then sliced very thin before serving. It is usually served with olive oil blended with finely chopped parsley and a bit of lemon juice.

Chipped Beef

Chipped beef is an air-dried product that is similar to bresaola, but not as tasty. It is often added to sauce or gravy and served on toast.


Bouillon powder or cubes can be used as a flavoring for soups and stews.

Soup Mix

Commercially produced dried mixtures for soup can be purchased that can be prepared with the addition of water.

Gravy Mix

Commercially produced dried mixtures for gravy can be purchased that can be prepared with the addition of water.