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Microwaving Chicken - Cooking Tips

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Microwaving is a quick and convenient method for cooking chicken but the flavor of the chicken will not be enhanced as it is with other cooking methods. When cooked properly, it will provide a tender, juicy meat. The flavor can be enhanced by the use of salt, pepper and other seasonings. This is a good method for cooking chicken that is going to be used in dishes that require cooked chicken or when just a small serving is required.

When microwaving chicken, it is best to follow the manufacturer's instruction manual because different varieties of microwaves vary in cooking time. Chicken pieces cook better than whole birds in the microwave and are generally cooked at a high setting. Whole chickens should be cooked at a medium setting. Place the chicken parts in a microwave safe dish arranged so that the larger, denser pieces are placed around the outer edge, and the smaller pieces are placed in the middle. Part way through the cooking time the chicken pieces should be rearranged by turning and exchanging positions of the pieces that are cooking faster with those that are cooking more slowly. This will assist in getting most of the pieces done at approximately the same time. While cooking, the chicken should be covered with wax paper or plastic wrap, leaving one corner open for venting purposes.