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Bunny Napkin Fold - Cooking Tips

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When making the bunny napkin fold, use a thin napkin for easier folding. We have many other napkin folds that you can use for other special occasions. Choose from one of our Napkin Folds the next time you need something special to dress up your table.

How to Make a Bunny Napkin Fold

Lay napkin on flat surface

1. Begin with a pressed, lightly starched, large napkin. Lay the napkin right side up on a flat surface.

First Napkin Fold
2. Starting from the bottom, begin folding the napkin upward into four equal parts.

Third Napkin Fold
3.You should end up with the napkin folded as shown above.

Turn up Napkin
4. Find the middle of the folded napkin and fold the right half upward.

Turn up Napkin on other side
5. Fold the left side as you did with the right.

6. Fold the top outer corners down to the imaginary center point.

7. Fold the right and left points in to the center line.

8. Carefully, turn the napkin over.

9. Take the bottom point and fold in upward so that the point is approximately one inch above the center line.

10. Turn the napkin over again.

11. Fold the right side in half.

12. Fold the left side so that it overlaps the right side.

13. Tuck the bottom left corner into the pocket of the right side to secure that napkin.

14. The end result should resemble a bunny.